Adam The Fall And Original Sin

Adam The Fall And Original Sin


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Adam The Fall And Original Sin:

Theological, Biblical, and Scientific Perspectives


The Christian doctrines of original sin and the historical fall of Adam have been in retreat since the rise of modernity. Here leading scholars present a theological, biblical, and scientific case for the necessity of belief in original sin and the historicity of Adam and Eve in response to contemporary challenges. Representing various Christian traditions, the contributors shed light on recent debates as they present the traditional doctrine of original sin as orthodox, evangelical, and the most theologically mature and cogent synthesis of the biblical witness. This fresh look at a heated topic in evangelical circles will appeal to professors, students, and readers interested in the creation-evolution debate.


Introduction: Adam under Siege: Setting the Stage Hans Madueme and Michael Reeves
Part One: Adam in the Bible and Science
1. Adam and Eve in the Old Testament C. John Collins
2. Adam in the New Testament Robert W. Yarbrough
3. Adam and Modern Science William Stone (a pseudonym)
Part Two: Original Sin in History
4. Original Sin in Patristic Theology Peter Sanlon
5. The Lutheran Doctrine of Original Sin Robert Kolb
6. Original Sin in Reformed Theology Donald Macleod
7. "But a Heathen Still": The Doctrine of Original Sin in Wesleyan Theology Thomas H. McCall
8. Original Sin in Modern Theology Carl R. Trueman
Part Three: Original Sin in Theology
9. Original Sin in Biblical Theology James M. Hamilton
10. Threads in a Seamless Garment: Original Sin in Systematic Theology Michael Reeves and Hans Madueme
11. "The Most Vulnerable Part of the Whole Christian Account": Original Sin and Modern Science Hans Madueme
12. Original Sin in Pastoral Theology Daniel Doriani
Part Four: Adam and the Fall in Dispute
13. Original Sin and Original Death: Romans 5:12-19 Thomas R. Schreiner
14. The Fall and Genesis 3 Noel Weeks
15. Adam, History, and Theodicy William Edgar
Postscript Michael Reeves and Hans Madueme

Edited by

Hans Madueme & Michael Reeves