Copy of Biblical Hebrew Vol 2

Copy of Biblical Hebrew Vol 2


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If you have studied Biblical Hebrew, you know that even after two or three semesters in the classroom it can be easy to soon forget most of what you learned. After entering the working world, most of us who studied Hebrew in seminary or college find it challenging to pay much attention to the language, let alone achieve our primary goals of exegeting and meditating on the Hebrew Bible in the original Hebrew.

Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew in Two Minutes a Day: Volume 1 has been specially designed to build on your previous study of Hebrew and help you read a small amount of the Hebrew Bible in its original language every day in an easy, manageable, and spiritually enriching way. It does not replace the need for a grammar or textbook; rather, it complements grammatical study by helping you to build a robust vocabulary and to review morphology and syntax in a completely inductive way, and without using any grammatical jargon. The page for each day presents:

  • one new vocabulary word, with transliteration and meanings, and two review words from earlier in the book
  • the English text of a verse from the Hebrew Bible, with these three Hebrew words embedded in it, as they appear in the verse
  • the Hebrew text of the verse, in full and then divided into phrases or clauses, with the corresponding English phrases or clauses next to them

Compiled and edited: Jonathan Kline