Encouragement in Dark Days

Encouragement in Dark Days

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This book is a consideration of the Visions that are found in the first six chapters in the Prophecy of Zechariah, the second last book in the Old Testament. The prophecy of Zechariah is to be found at the end of the Old Testament dispensation. It anticipates the coming of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a dark and difficult time for God's people. They were in a low state spiritually. The visions and words of Zechariah were given to encourage God's people to persevere through these dark times.

God, through Zechariah, presents an optimistic view of the future, valuable not just to the Jews 2,500 years ago, but also to the church and society today. The book proclaims that God is in control. He is ruling the nations and the future for His church is bright and encouraging.

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