Gender A Conversation Guide for Parents and Pastors

Gender A Conversation Guide for Parents and Pastors

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The world around us is changing quickly, and it’s difficult to keep up with the debates about some of life’s most important issues. Whether you are a parent, mentor, pastor, or friend, this book will help you get clarity in a world spinning in confusion.

This book seeks to help families teach the Bible’s view clearly and consistently throughout a child’s life. It contains two major sections. Part one focuses on what is most critical during three major foundations, or stages, in a child's life. Part two is a toolbox of resources to help you better understand and articulate various topics surrounding gender.


  • PART 1:
  • Foundation 1: preschool and young children
  • Foundation 2: elementary (5-10)
  • Foundation 3: middle school (11-13)
  • Foundation 4: teens and beyond (14+)
  • PART 2:
  • Toolbox of resources for users
  • Glossary