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Mansoul (Holy War)

Long ago, there was a city called Mansoul. The great King Shaddai, who had built it for his own pleasure, and intended to give it as a gift to his only son, Prince Emmanuel. They both loved the people who lived in Mansoul and they had made the city the capital of the whole country.

But the wicked Giant Diabolus, the enemy of King Shaddai, was not happy. More than anything else, he longed to have some power in Mansoul. He succeeded in planting doubts about the goodness of King Shaddai in the minds of the people living in Mansoul, and they threw open the gates of the beautiful city allowing Diabolus and all his evil troops to march straight in.

What will King Shaddai and Prince Emmanuel do?


About the Author:

Ruth Burke was born in Scotland and grew up in several parts of the country, as different as Glasgow and Sutherland. She studied German and English at Edinburgh University and since 1984 she has lived in Belfast. She and her husband, a minister, have two daughters and two sons.