Operation Salvation

Operation Salvation

Day One

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This is a gripping tale of bravado, booze, battles and at times bitter failures. In an action-packed life David Murray escaped dead-end jobs, Glasgow knife-gangs and bullets in Northern Ireland.
His autobiography is a well-paced and plain-speaking account of a man constantly on the move – until the day God Himself finally caught up with him. This is a great book of memories charting Glasgow and Army life in the 60s and 70s. But it’s much more than social history.


David Murray is a true Glaswegian. Brought up in the Gorbals in Glasgow in the 1950s, he had a tough but happy childhood. He went from Boy Scout to Maroon Beret, always loving the Army life. Coming from a Roman Catholic family he was taught to believe in God, but alcohol and anger led him into trouble, marriage break-up and despair. This is a story of how God can fix the most broken of lives and lift them to unimaginable heights of joy and fulfilment through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Janet Baker is also a child of the fifties. She is married to Mike. They have four sons and ten grandchildren. Janet is an active member of 'MissionAssist'. Working from home, MissionAssist's volunteers use their gifts and skills to help support Christian mission at home and abroad.

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