Rebooted Reclaiming Youth Ministry For The Long Haul - A Biblical Framework

Rebooted Reclaiming Youth Ministry For The Long Haul - A Biblical Framework


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Most youth ministry is simply too small. Or too time- or fad-bound. Or based on a model of some sort but without solid biblical foundations.

Tim Gough seeks to redress the balance. He takes us on an expositional journey through the Bible as he sees it relating to youth work, pulling out purposeful themes through key stories and passages. He offers guidelines which can be used by any leader as he casts this strong, healthy biblical vision to inspire us. He is passionate about growing youth ministry that can outlive the youth worker.

Here is youth leadership training for the long haul.



Introduction—Methods and goals
1. Passing it on—Youth work through the Pentateuch (Gen-Deut)
2. Walking beside them—Youth work through the history books
3. Staying relevant—Youth work through wisdom literature
4. Cultivating community—Youth work through the Psalms
5. Getting involved—Youth work through the Prophets
6. Growing up—Youth work through the Gospels
7. Going out—Youth work through the Acts
8. Displaying devotion—Youth work through the Epistles
Conclusion—Bringing it all together as a facilitator model of youth work

Author: Tim Gough

Tim Gough is the director of Wales Youth For Christ and has been involved in youth work for over ten years now. He studied at Oxford University and Oak Hill College, and is currently doing a masters at Cli College with a view to starting a PhD. He hosts a nationally recognized youth blog and speaks on youth work at events in the UK and California.