Same-Sex Parenting Research

Same-Sex Parenting Research

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Contemplate the time, energy, and effort required to read nearly 400 studies on same-sex parenting. Add to this investment scores of meticulous statistical examinations by a razor-sharp quantitative methodologist. Finally, throw in a propensity for academic heresy — or intellectual courage, for sometimes they are the same. The result is Same-Sex Parenting Research: A Critical Assessment.

Walter R. Schumm PhD is Professor of applied family science in the School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University. He is the editor-in-chief of the academic journal Marriage and Family Review. His books include Transition to Parenthood (2014), Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods (1993, 2009), and The Family Support Group (FSG) Leaders’ Handbook (2000). He is a retired colonel (U.S. Army) and a recipient of the Legion of Merit.