Heart Songs for Every Saint

Heart Songs for Every Saint

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William Philip encourages readers to use the Psalms as their own heart songs, in any circumstance


Don’t just admire the Psalms, use them. Psalms are Spirit–inspired prayers that help us to pray rightly and truly. They give us words we trust, and treasure as our own heart songs, as we engage with God through times of both darkness and light.


William Philip shows us that in the Psalms we find a profound revelation of God, His nature, and His ways, as well as His relationship with His people. They help us deal with all aspects of our sojourning faith, both individually and in the corporate life of the church. They give us real ‘working models’ for living day by day as Christians.


Heart Songs for Every Saint takes six of these psalms, and shows how they can be prayed in real life situations:

  1. When God Seems Absent: Psalms 10 – A Song of Protest
  2. Right Sacrifices for Real Sinners: Psalm 51 – A Song of Penitence
  3. When We in Darkness Walk: Psalm 88 – A Song of Pain
  4. Safe in the Shadow of the Almighty: Psalm 91 – A Song of Promise
  5. Where Does Your Help Come From?: Psalm 121 – A Song of Pilgrimage
  6. Joining the Choir of the King: Psalm 145 – A Song of Praise
William J. U. Philip

About William J. U. Philip

William Philip has been senior minister of The Tron Church in Glasgow since 2004, and is chairman of Cornhill Scotland, training pastors for expository preaching. Formerly he was director of ministry at The Proclamation Trust in London, and prior to ordination, a doctor specializing in cardiology. He has authored a number of books, including Teaching John (with Dick Lucas), Teaching Matthew (with David Jackman), Why We Pray, Songs for a Saviour’s Birth and Aspects of Love.

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