Perfect Unity

Perfect Unity

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The world is tearing itself apart over identity politics. What is the answer? Recognizing that two things can be distinct yet inseparable

This concept—rooted in the writings of Augustine, John Calvin, and others—is in fact key to understanding some of the most precious truths about God, humanity, and salvation. Written to Christians of all ages and backgrounds, Ralph Cunnington’s systematic guide to Christian truth presents a challenging, orthodox message that is desperately needed today.


“An able explanation of the Bible’s teaching concerning God, the world, and the gospel [and] a wise handbook on how these truths are applied to answer some of the most pressing questions of our time, including identity, gender, holiness, and . . . the church. . . . A must-read.”

—David Cassidy, Senior Pastor, Spanish River Church, Boca Raton, Florida

“Brilliant and concise, rooted in pastoral experience, with an abundance of striking examples, this is a great book for new Christians and older ones alike.”

—Robert Letham, Senior Research Fellow, Union School of Theology

“Pastor Ralph Cunnington systematically and practically grounds us in the knowledge of God, the implications for our life together as his people, and the way we bear witness for beauty in a confused and broken world.”

—Irwyn L. Ince Jr., Author, The Beautiful Community

“Ralph Cunnington skillfully shows us that when it comes to the Christian faith, there is a loose thread that is worth pulling. Why? Because this thread will help us appreciate how beautifully God has woven the gospel. . . . Intrigued? Then read on!”

—Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“In a world frayed by polarization and divisiveness, Perfect Unity invites the reader to begin and end by looking up at the Godhead, our reference point for unity in diversity. It is a concise and accessible primer ideal for small groups to unpack core sound doctrines.”

—Karen Hodge, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Presbyterian Church in America


The Author

Ralph Cunnington

Ralph Cunnington is pastor of City Church Manchester and a former law professor. As director of the Northern Gospel Project and chair of Crosslands, he works to equip, train, and plant local churches.

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