Revival: Spiritual Awakening in the Reformed Tradition

Revival: Spiritual Awakening in the Reformed Tradition

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Is there room for revival in the Reformed tradition? Historian Michael Haykin examines awakenings heralded by Calvinist ministers, including Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and more, to answer with a resounding “Yes!” With these accounts, Haykin provides a robust paradigm to discern the Holy Spirit’s true outpourings. Read this inspiring historical study to stir your heart to pray for revival in our day!




  1. “When the Spirit Shall Be Poured Forth Plentifully”: Revival in the Reformation and English Puritanism
  2. “God Is Doing Marvellous Things”: The British Need for and Experience of Revival in the Eighteenth Century
  3. “Come to This Life-Giving Stream”: George Whitefield and His Ministry in a Time of Revival
  4. “He Carries Fire Wherever He Goes”: William Grimshaw and the Haworth Revival
  5. “The Theologian of Revival”: Becoming Jonathan Edwards
  6. “A Spirit of Powerful Holy Affection”: Twelve Marks of Genuine Revival
  7. “We Are a Garden Wall’d Around”: Particular Baptists Needing Revival
  8. “Impress Thy Truth upon My Heart with Thine Own Seal”: Andrew Fuller and Theological Reformation
  9. “The Lord Is Doing Great Things, and Answering Prayer Everywhere”: John Sutcliff and the Concert of Prayer for Revival

Conclusion: Eight Theses on Revival 

Appendix 1: William Grimshaw’s Letter on the Haworth Revival 

Appendix 2: John Stutterd, “The Means of Reviving and Promoting Religion” 



“For anyone seeking a lively and accessible introduction to the historical power of revival, here it is. Haykin blends scholarly insight with heartfelt spiritual wisdom to provide a guide into revival in our own time. His book will be helpful and edifying to all who read it.” 

—Tim Cooper, professor of church history, University of Otago, New Zealand 

“The nine chapter headings of Michael Haykin’s work on revival are enough to whet the spiritual appetite of serious-minded Christians. Haykin is not interested in simply providing us with an engaging tour of eighteenth-century revivals (which he does); his desire is to stir our hearts to pray that what God was pleased to do then, He would be pleased to do today. The history of the church has much to teach us of the power of God to transform people, communities, and even nations. Haykin has provided us with a heart-stirring account of that power. This is a book for our times, reminding us that ‘nothing is too hard for the Lord.’ Buy. Read. Pray.” 

—Ian Hamilton, president, Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Newcastle, England 

“In this sweet and stirring study of God’s works among His people, Michael Haykin allows us to breathe the bracing air of the eighteenth century as he guides us along its highways and byways. Some of the scenery of people and places associated with true revival may be familiar to many readers, though other sights will be strikingly fresh even to more seasoned travelers. Along the road, the pilgrim will not only learn something of the nature of the Spirit’s work in the church but also appreciate the mingled depth of truth and breadth of love which typically characterize such seasons of divine favor. The effect of this tour should be to stir us up to pray and to work—as did our spiritual forefathers—for the revival of true religion and the extension of Christ’s kingdom in our own day.” 

—Jeremy Walker, pastor, Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley, England, Presenter of Revival: The Work of God Documentary

About the Author

Michael A. G. Azad Haykin serves as professor of church history and biblical spirituality at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. 

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