The Land of the Book

The Land of the Book

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Scotland – a land where hill and glen meet surging seas; where ancient and modern stand side–by–side; and the birth place and home of many beloved Christian authors, preachers and speakers. Known affectionately as ‘the land of the Book’, Scotland’s rich Christian heritage is evident in the volume of writings sent out from this small country to the world. The words of Robert Murray McCheyne, John Knox, Horatius Bonar and many others grace the pages of this book. This year of quotes highlights the authors’ firm grasp of divine truth, deep experience of the power of godliness and sensitivity of conscience. They all shine through their sayings with great clarity; these are as relevant today as when they were first penned.May the God of our Scottish Christian fathers bless you as you ponder their wisdom, turn it into prayer, and seek grace to live in its light. It is the light of Christ.


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