9Marks: How Can I Grow in Hospitality?

9Marks: How Can I Grow in Hospitality?


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8 Practical Steps for Extending Hospitality in the Local Church

Hospitality is a vital part of the Christian life. It’s evident in God’s love and provision for sinners and illustrated in the fellowship of the Lord’s Supper. Still, many modern Christians struggle to open their homes and welcome others as Jesus commands. 

This short book addresses common questions about hospitality while equipping Christians to serve God through Christlike care of others. It features tips for practicing hospitality at home, sharing the gospel with neighbors, and serving the church. By learning to welcome others into their lives, readers can extend God’s love to lost people as well as fellow believers. 

  • Biblical and Encouraging: Helps Christians understand hospitality as the ministry of welcoming others into their lives
  • Practical: Gives simple tips for living out Scripture’s command to care for others  
  • Transformational: Shows readers how to deepen relationships in their local churches, share the gospel, and support missionaries through acts of kindness

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