9Marks: How Do I Get Started in Evangelism?

9Marks: How Do I Get Started in Evangelism?


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Small, Convenient Guide Offers Biblical Advice for Communicating the Gospel Message

Too often, believers find themselves unprepared to share their faith. They might be afraid of saying the wrong thing or afraid of even starting a conversation. Before they know it, a great opportunity for evangelism has passed. What if Christians never missed another chance to tell others about Jesus? 
In this small yet practical guide, J. Mack Stiles defines proper evangelism and offers advice for communicating God’s truth clearly, biblically, and persuasively. Readers learn how to explain the gospel message, live the gospel, understand conversion, and more. This guide is easy to read and share, making it a great resource for churches and small groups.

  • Part of the Church Questions Series: Developed to give biblical insight into common questions about church life
  • Applicable: Explains that evangelism is “teaching the gospel with the aim to persuade” and gives readers practical advice for sharing their faith
  • Short and Accessible Format: Concise, biblical teaching that’s easy to read and share

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