9Marks: What is a Church?

9Marks: What is a Church?


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Brief, Accessible Guide Explains the Characteristics and Role of the Local Church

What is the difference between the universal church and a local church? Is it important to belong to a local congregation? Isn’t it enough to attend church online? Though Scripture affirms the significance and authority of the local church, many Christians struggle to understand the institution’s role in their personal lives.

In this addition to the Church Questions series, Matthew Emadi clearly defines the local church, helping believers live out their God-ordained mission to assemble together as the body of Christ. Through Scripture and compelling stories, Emadi lays out 6 biblical characteristics of a church and demonstrates how Christians can faithfully represent God’s kingdom on earth.

  • Brief, Accessible Resource: Easy-to-share guide answers important, commonly asked questions about the church 
  • Biblical and Christ-Centered: Presents a vision for the church that is founded on the commands of Scripture
  • Practical Guidance for Church Members: Explains what it means to participate in a local church body, with information on ordinances, leadership, evangelism, and more

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