Theology for Ministry

Theology for Ministry

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**We have a VERY limited number of pre-release editions of Theology for Ministry which have been printed in time to honor Sinclair Ferguson at the 2022 Together for the Gospel conference.**

**The book will officially release in the UK during July 2022.**

When a rich theological perspective is lost, so is the larger story for pastoral ministry. When pastors see how God’s whole counsel shapes and impacts their entire ministry, both pastors and churches will thrive.

Deeply connecting theology with practice, this volume seeks to recover the rich scriptural framework for ministry that is grounded in key Christian doctrines such as the Triune God and his decrees, the person and work of Christ, and the application of all the benefits and blessings that come to us through the Spirit in our union with Christ. Contributors such as Joel Beeke, Ligon Duncan, Michael Horton, and Robert Letham write out of their experience both as pastors and theologians, providing a pattern of rich biblical-theological reflection that a vibrant ministry demands and that those engaged in ministry need in order to be sustained in their work.

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