What is Covenant Theology?

What is Covenant Theology?


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Understanding the Basics and Blessings of Covenant Theology

From animal sacrifice in the Old Testament to baptism and Communion in the New Testament, the Bible can seem like it contains vastly different instructions for how God's people are to worship him through visible means. But Scripture is a complete story of redemption, one that is breathtaking in its unity. By observing how all biblical events connect through God’s covenants with his people, believers can better grasp the beauty of the triune God and the breathtaking unity of Scripture, knowing the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit. 

In this practical introduction, professor Ryan McGraw gives readers a framework for understanding the structure of the Bible. Explaining the blessing of covenant theology, he reveals how the sacraments illustrate God’s relationship with his people throughout the ages and help unify all parts of Scripture, from God’s promises in Genesis to their fulfillment in Revelation. Exploring the covenants of redemption, works, and grace, this book will give readers clarity about the gospel, and teach them how to live in fellowship with the triune God and others.

  • Accessible Introduction: Explains the basics and blessings of covenant theology
  • Practical: Illustrates the role of the covenant in the church, families, and everyday life
  • A Great Study Resource: Includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter

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