What Happens When We Worship

What Happens When We Worship

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Many churchgoers assume that worship is inherently boring, something we need to make exciting. But as Jonathan Landry Cruse shows, churchgoing only seems monotonous and mundane because our eyes are blinded to the supernatural wonder that is taking place all around us.

In this book, Cruse helps us perceive the significance of worship and guides us through the spiritual actions of a worship service. Once you recognize how God is doing something to us and for us and through us in each element of the service, Lord’s Day worship will become the highlight of your week!

This excellent book is a fresh, engaging, and thoughtful call to worship. It opens the importance, vitality, and character of worship in a very helpful way.” — W. Robert Godfrey, Chairman, Ligonier Ministries

“Protestant worship can appear to be boring. The remedy for some is to add beauty and grandeur, for others to add excitement. The Reformers understood that biblical worship needed spice but that such pizzazz came not from externals or style but from Scripture, faith, and a right understanding of what transpires when God's people meet in his name on the Lord's Day. Jonathan Cruse uses the teaching of Scripture and the wisdom Reformed theologians to remind Protestants how extraordinary their simple worship is.” — D. G. Hart, Hillsdale College

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