Pillar: The Letter to the Ephesians

Pillar: The Letter to the Ephesians


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A clear and comprehensive commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians.  
In the latest Pillar New Testament Commentary, Constantine R. Campbell illuminates the Letter to the Ephesians with scholarly precision and pastoral warmth. In line with the christological concerns of the letter, Campbell calls special attention to its theme of union with Christ. His thorough analysis covers a breadth of topics, including salvation and grace, the glory of God, and the church and its mission. 
Aimed at students and scholars of the Pauline letters, Campbell’s commentary carefully explains each verse of Ephesians with attention to historical and linguistic context. Yet the commentary prioritizes imminent theological concerns and remains accessible to any serious reader of the New Testament.

Table of Contents

List of Excursuses
Editor’s Preface
Author’s Preface
List of Abbreviations
          I. Authorship
          II. Recipients
          III. Setting and Date
          IV. Ephesians and Colossians
          V. Themes
          VI. Structure
          I. Salutation (1:1–2)
          II. Doxology (1:3–14)
          III. Thanksgiving Prayer (1:15–23)
          IV. Raised with Christ (2:1–10)
          V. Joined Together in Christ (2:11–22)
          VI. Paul, Prisoner of Christ (3:1–13)
          VII. Prayer for Spiritual Power (3:14–21)
          VIII. One Body (4:1–16)
          IX. New-for-Old Replacement (4:17–32)
          X. Walking in the Way of Love (5:1–21)
          XI. The Household Code (5:22–6:9)
          XII. Spiritual Warfare (6:10–17)
          XIII. Prayer and Closing (6:18–24)

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