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Reflections on the Eldership in everyday life and ministry.

Another book on the Eldership? Yes, but with a particular slant…the purpose being to encourage and enlighten young elders, actual and potential, in navigating church life. The brief was to openly reflect on the joys, privileges, heartaches, responsibilities, disappointments, frustrations, regrets and rewards of eldership.


Eldership is a ‘noble task’ or a ‘good work’ (1 Tim 3.1). This book is a good work about the good work. It will bring you face to face with the standards of godliness, vigilance, hard work and effectiveness which the office requires of us day after day after day, not just in church but in other areas of life too. At times it makes for quite uncomfortable reading as it presses these standards upon us, so that we cannot avoid measuring ourselves against them. As the years slip by, don’t leave it too late to spend and be spent in the demands of our high calling.

Ernest C Brown, Former Moderator of Evangelical Presbyterian Church and author of several books including By Honour and Dishonour and Qualified, Commissioned and Accountable.



David Watson has worshipped in Ballyclare Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Northern Ireland, his entire life where he serves as a ruling elder. Married to Heather, he has six children and seven grandchildren. He is a retired architect.

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