A Pastor’s Heart: Essays in Memory of Harry L. Reeder III

A Pastor’s Heart: Essays in Memory of Harry L. Reeder III

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This collection of essays, written in honor of beloved pastor, Harry L. Reeder III, points not only to his life but beyond it to the God he served.


Collected by Harry L. Reeder III’s son, Ike, and edited by Derrick E. Brite, this selection of essays on the multi–faceted and different elements of ministry is written by men who acknowledge Reeder’s influence on their lives and ministries. You will find essays on evangelism, discipleship, shepherding, and Christian education. There are writings on mission and vision, leadership and staff leadership, and on the pastor and cultural engagement.


The book is designed to be helpful to young pastors, as a guide to beginning their journey to biblical spiritual formation in their ministry calling. But it will also be useful for those further along in their ministry.



Editor’s Note – Derrick E. Brite

Introduction – Ike Reeder

Harry & Cindy Reeder: A Biographical Sketch – Ike Reeder

1. On Mission, On Message, In Ministry – George Grant

2. Preaching that Moves Men to God: The Preaching Legacy of Harry L. Reeder III – Neil C. Stewart

3. The Primacy of Lord’s Day Worship – John E. Haines

4. The Pastor’s Passion for Evangelism: Lessons in Sharing Christ from Harry L. Reeder – Derrick E. Brite

5. The Mission and Missions of the Church – Brian Cosby

6. A True Soldier of Christ: The Call of Christian Discipleship – Jon D. Payne

7. The Pastor as Shepherd – Jason Helopoulos

8. Harry Reeder, The Consummate Biblical Counselor – Howard Eyrich

9. Life, Love, and Leadership – Kevin DeYoung

10. Leading a Ministry Team – David Strain

11. The Church as Work: Church Governance – Fred Greco

12. Christian Education: The Leadership and Legacy of Harry Reeder – Niel B. Nielson

13. Cultural Engagement as Spiritual Warfare: Lessons from Harry Reeder – Rob Pacienza

14. The Pastor’s Personal Life – Sandy Willson

13. The Pastor’s Heart for His Family – Jennifer Reeder Toomer–Hay & Bruce Stallings

Ike Reeder

About Ike Reeder

Ike Reeder has served as president of Birmingham Theological Seminary in Alabama since 2018. He is the son of Harry L. Reeder III, is married to Angie and has two stepchildren, Virginia and Win.

Derrick Brite

About Derrick Brite

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