A Reformation Reader: Primary Texts with Introductions (third edition)

A Reformation Reader: Primary Texts with Introductions (third edition)

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Although deeply political, economic, and social, the European Reformations of the sixteenth century were at heart religious disputes over core Christian theological issues.

Denis Janz's A Reformation Reader is unabashed in its generous selection of key theological and related texts from five distinct Reformation sites. The late-medieval background is richly discussed and the Lutheran, Calvinist, Radical, English, and Catholic Reformations are all thoroughly presented.

A classroom staple for nearly 30 years, this new third edition of the text takes into account the needs of the contemporary classroom for primary source readings that are concise and focused on the subject matter at hand. Over 100 carefully selected primary documents are edited for even greater concision and capture the energy and moment of that tumultuous time. The saving of space results in a shorter, more tightly presented book that now includes even more readings!

Students and teachers alike will appreciate the expanded range and fresh focus of this classic reader.

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