A Scenic route through the Old Testament

A Scenic route through the Old Testament


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Many of us find the Old testament daunting. It seems long and very distant. If the Old Testament is unknown territory to you, here's just the book to get you into it.

Alec Motyer leads us through six key themes of the Old Testament, history, religion, worship, prophecy, wisdom and God himself. Each chapter shows with simplicity and warmth how important these themes are to the Old Testament, and how relevant they are to our lives today. At the end of each chapter the are seven short daily readings with crisp, practical comments, designed to help you explore that chapter's theme for yourself.

Read through this book with your Old Testament in front of you and you will be amazed how it speaks directly to us today in our situations and our needs.

The Scenic Route is a journey well worth taking.

'Alec Motyer proves again his faithfulness and reliability as a guide to the world of the Old Testament. The potential for confusion, with its ancient history, curious culture and perplexing events, is enormous, but Alec's sure-footed guide takes us on the scenic route.
It is remarkable how, in such a brief and entertaining read, he can cover so much ground. Like any tour guide worth his shekels, the author highlights the most important vistas to be surveyed, while also taking us off the beaten track to some lesser-known alleyways of salvation history. The daily devotional Bible readings and notes make this useful for personal or group study and will provide readers not only with a good introduction to the Old Testament but also an opportunity to encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.'
- Chris Sinkinson

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