A Sneaking Suspicion

A Sneaking Suspicion


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A Sneaking Suspicion is a book about things that matter – things like life, death, relationships, sex, suffering, meaning and God – things that are important but which we don’t often talk about.

John Dickson writes:
‘For me, what began as a sneaking suspicion has blown into a huge reality. Like most Aussies, I had a hunch there was something more to life than beer and footie. I also had a hunch that the ‘something more’ could be found by looking into Jesus. When I decided to go with my hunch, I discovered more than I ever bargained for.’

John Dickson is a busy bloke. He’s toured and recorded with rock band, In the Silence, hosted a national music TV show, completed an honours degree in theology and is currently engaged in postgraduate research in ancient history. He speaks at churches, schools and universities all over the world. John has written three best–selling books; Stranger than FictionA Sneaking Suspicion and Simply Christianity: Beyond Religion. According to him, however, his finest achievements are marrying Elizabeth and fathering Joshua and Sophie.