A Tapestry of Global Christology

A Tapestry of Global Christology


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Who is Jesus Christ in a context of violence and bloodshed, such as that experienced by Christians in Northern Nigeria? This is the question at the heart of Dr. Isuwa Atsen’s study of global Christology. His aim, however, is not to develop a Christology that is unique to Northern Nigeria, but a Christology that is contextually and conceptually relevant to the real concerns of Nigerian Christians, while maintaining a catholic and scriptural understanding of the person of Jesus Christ. In order to do so, he weaves together three diverse christological approaches, examining the intersection of contextual theology, analytic theology, and the theological interpretation of Scripture. The approach thereby presents some helpful insights for theological methodology in general. This is an excellent resource for theologians, students, and all those involved in the task of global Christology.

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