Angels - A Study on God's Special Agents

Angels - A Study on God's Special Agents

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Angels are mentioned in 33 of the 66 books of the Bible, and yet there is so much misunderstanding about them. This 11–part Bible study looks at the passages where angels are mentioned in the Bible, to see what we can learn about God’s special agents.

Study topics include:

“I Believe in Angels”

‘A’ is for Angels

Who’s Who Among the Angels?

Features of Angels who have Fallen

The Saviour’s Supremacy over Angels

Angelic Appearances and Appointments

The Angel Who is Almighty

The Saviour’s Association with Angels

Amazing Accomplishments

The Angel’s Final Awesome Activities

The Assistance of the Angels


Geared for Growth study materials encourage

A Daily Encounter with God: Your 10–15 minutes each day will strengthen the impact of God’s word on your daily living.
Group learning and sharing: Meet weekly in a small group, share your answers and be enriched as you learn from others.
Spiritual Growth: You will be challenged to put God’s Word into practice. Others will feel the impact as you obey, grow and mature.
Church Growth: Introduce people to Spiritual reality. Your study group could be the stepping–stone for others coming to faith.