Arminius and the Reformed Tradition

Arminius and the Reformed Tradition

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Some scholars argue that Jacob Arminius was a Reformed theologian and held to the basic tenets of Reformed soteriology. But is this the best way to understand Arminius? In this perceptive set of essays, J. V. Fesko reassesses the context and meaning of Arminius’s writings on topics such as predestination, effectual calling, union with Christ, justification, and perseverance. Granting that Arminius ministered within the Reformed church and held many theological points of continuity with Reformed orthodoxy, Fesko demonstrates that Arminius’s understanding of salvation differed significantly enough from confessional norms to conclude that he presented an alternative Protestant conception of soteriology. To view his soteriology as anything less is an effort to rewrite history and even to disrespect Arminius’s work.

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