Book by Book - Amos Study Guide

Book by Book - Amos Study Guide

Biblical Frameworks

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Amos - Let justice flow like a river! The book of Amos is the Old Testament version of the letter to the Laodicean church of Revelation chapter 3. The church in Israel at the time of Amos, just as the church of Laodicea, had become just like the surrounding culture - lukewarm, living in luxury, complacent in 'religion'. They thought they were so rich when they were really wretched, poor and blind. The book of Amos warns us at the very beginning that an earthquake was just two years away - the LORD Jesus was knocking on the door of His church: would anybody open the door and let Him in?

The only real security and future was in trusting the LORD God - trusting in His Promised Messiah. It was time to turn around and fine eternal security and real wealth and true life in the Rock of Israel, the Holy One, the Commander of the Heavenly Armies!

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