British Evangelical Theologians of the Twentieth Century

British Evangelical Theologians of the Twentieth Century


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Throughout the twentieth century, Britain produced some of the most prominent evangelical theologians in both church and academic circles. This survey and introduction, edited by Thomas Noble and Jason Sexton, presents twelve of these theologians, exploring what made their work so influential and their continued relevance for today.

As well as surveying each man’s work, British Evangelical Theologians of the Twentieth Century considers what is meant by calling these theologians 'evangelical' Christians – taking into account their understanding of biblical authority, standing in the Reformation tradition and treatment of Scripture as well as their approaches to biblical criticism and liberal theology. As a result, it is ideal for students looking to deeper their understanding of British evangelical Christianity as a whole, as well as increasing their knowledge of the individual figures

From James Orr and Lesslie Newbigin to John Stott and J. I. Packer, a range of perspectives within British evangelicalism is reflected. Along with brief biographies, each body of work is examined in three particular areas: stance on the Bible (‘biblicism’), the atonement (‘crucicentrism’), and concern for mission and evangelism (‘conversionism’).

British Evangelical Theologians of the Twentieth Century is a thorough introduction to twelve of the keenest and most influential minds in British evangelical thought. It will leave you with an appreciation of each man’s contribution to English-speaking evangelicalism, as well as helping you to engage critically with their theology and understand how their work is relevant to the development and discussion of British evangelical theology today.

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