Christianity and Western Thought - Vol 2

Christianity and Western Thought - Vol 2


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The nineteenth century continues to wield its substantial influence. Marx, Mill, Hegel, Nietzche, Kierkegaard, Emerson, Darwin, Freud and Weber brought their era new realms of thought which still populate our imaginations. As a result, the study of history, science, psychology, philosophy, sociology and religion has not been the same.
These heirs to rationalism began to explore the full range of human experience - whcih became a matter of philosophical and theological interest, and even authoirty. Romanticism flouished in arts and literature as Idealism, Transcendentalism, Pragmatism and other movements developed. All had a profound effect on religion and how it was viewed- particularly on Christianity.
In this much-anticipated sequel to Colin Brown's Christianity & Western Though, volume 1, Steve Wilkens and Alan Padgett follow the story of interaction between Christianity and philosophy through the monumental changes of the nineteenth century.

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