Christianity & Liberalism

Christianity & Liberalism

Westminster seminary press

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"For Machen, although Christianity and liberalism sounded much alike, they were, in essence, two different religions. The first was the revealed religion of the Lord Jesus Christ; the second was a manmade reconstruction of the former that intended to make that religion palatable to minds that had imbibed the tenets of autonomous reason trumpeted by post-Enlightenment theologians. The steps from the appearance of Machen’s groundbreaking work to the birth of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia can be traced with unbroken historical clarity."
-Peter Lillback (From the Foreword)


About Gresham Machen

 J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937) was a professor at Princeton Seminary. He founded Westminster Seminary in 1929, and led the formation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1936. His books include Christianity & Liberalism, The Christian View of Man and The Person of Christ.

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