Colossians (30-Day Devotional)

Colossians (30-Day Devotional)


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Putting Jesus in his place. This was the issue with which the church at Colossae wrestled.

There was a plethora of other gods and spiritual beings to worship. The city was rife with syncretism, the belief that you can worship Jesus but need too supplement your faith by turning to other powers and authorities. If you got sick or wanted your business to flourish, surely it was expedient to pay allegiance to these other powers and not just Jesus? 

In Colossae Jesus was eminent. He had status. The fundamental question was: Is he pre-eminent? Jesus was important, just not all-important; adequate but not totally sufficient for every need.

Writing from a prison cell in Rome, Paul warns these new believers of the danger of turning to another Jesus. If they failed to heed his warning, their faith would unravel.

This letter has much to say to Christians today. It will provide challenge, inspiration and a renewed focus to keep on living for Christ in our generation.

Steve Brady is Principal of Moorlands College and a former pastor. A regular speaker at national Christian events like Keswick Convention.

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