Daily Readings: From all four gospels

Daily Readings: From all four gospels

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This edition of Daily Readings from all Four Gospels is a fresh presentation of Ryle’s classic Daily Readings.

This high quality, hardback edition contains all 732 readings from the Ryle’s previous volumes and arranges them for the morning and evening of every day of any year.

What others are saying about Daily Readings from all Four Gospels:

‘"There’s a reason we keep ‘digging up’ Ryle. His writing is always clear (a nineteenth-century man who writes short sentences!), driven (he’s always going after the jugular vein of your soul), and focused (he just can’t keep his eyes off Jesus). Get a copy and let the nourishment begin—and pick up a spare to put in your guest room." — Dale Ralph Davis, Pastor and author

"Ryle’s eloquence on the Gospels often captures the point of a passage with both precision and power. I highly commend these readings." — Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and President of 9Marks.org

"Always fresh, always reliable, and always centered on Christ. I keep coming back to Ryle on the Gospels and have never yet been disappointed. Use this book in your devotional life. Your heart will be warmed with fresh love for Christ and a renewed desire to live for His glory."  Colin Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard Church; President, Unlocking the Bible; author of For All Who Grieve

"Among the few authors a Christian wants as a lifelong friend and helper, J.C. Ryle is certainly one. After sixty years I still read him with the same relish!"  Iain H. Murray, author of J.C. Ryle: Prepared To Stand Alone

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