Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with Disappointment

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Life is disappointing. And disappointment can so easily come to dominate our life—the nagging thought in the back of our minds and the constant 'but' colouring all our pleasures.

In this realistic, hope-filled book, John Hindley shows how to deal with disappointment — what disappointment is, what it does, and how to learn to live with the disappointments while also knowing joy.

If your life isn't perfect… you need this book!

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  • 1. You're disappointed
  • 2. We should be disappointed
  • 3. We're too disappointed
  • 4. A hope that destroys despair
  • 5. A purpose that replaces escape
  • 6. A perspective that shrinks sadness
  • 7. Disappointed with how things are
  • 8. Disappointed with my success
  • 9. Disappointed with my ministry
  • 10. Disappointed with myself
  • 11. Disappointed with my God
  • 12. Fighting for joy
  • 13. You won't be disappointed

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