Donald MacLeod - Scottish Theology Collection (2 Volumes)

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One of Scotland’s most popular theologians traces the theological debates and disagreements within Scotland from 1500 - 1800. 

Volume 1 - “Therefore the Truth I Speak” (1500 - 1700)

 The Scottish church was forever altered by the arrival of the Reformation in the sixteenth century. Its legacy endured, and provoked a flurry of theological re–examinations which form the foundation for much of our modern understanding of Reformed Theology.

In this informed and accessible historical study, Donald MacLeod, one of Scotland’s current leading theologians, looks to the past to assess the impact of prominent theologians of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, always with an eye to demonstrating how their writings speak to contemporary challenges facing the Church today.

Volume 2 - “From the Marrow Men to The Moderates” (1700 - 1800)

The eighteenth century saw many changes within the Scottish church. The Kirk was divided by the Patronage Act of 1712 into Moderates (men favoured by the landed gentry) and Evangelicals (men favoured by the people). The Marrow Controversy highlighted theological strife within the Church. Ebenezer Erskine’s Protest against patronage led to the first major rift in the Church of Scotland with the Secession of 1733. 

Through all these, Donald Macleod is our reliable guide. Drawing attention to the major characters of the period and gives a faithful account of the theological discussions, including the social, economic, ethnic, and personal factors involved. He also subjects these discussions to theological evaluation. A fascinating look at a crucial period for anyone with an interest in theological history.

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