Education - A Students Guide

Education - A Students Guide


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Education has the power to shape a culture, influencing the formation and transmission of cherished traditions, foundational narratives, and core values across generations. This guide seeks to reclaim a vision for a distinctly Christian approach to education aimed at fostering a renewal of Christianity in our day. Looking at a variety of key historical figures, including Jesus, Paul, Augustine of Hippo, Martin Luther, Horace Bushnell, and George A. Coe, along with various historical, philosophical, or social perspectives related to education, this book shows how exploring Christian thinking about education throughout history can equip educators today to reclaim their task.


Ted Newell (EdD, Columbia University; MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary) is associate professor of education at Crandall University. He previously developed a business curriculum for vocational schools with the Papua New Guinea Department of Education and has taught adults and children in churches. He is the author of two books on education and theology.