EP Study Commentary- Isaiah (Vol.1)

EP Study Commentary- Isaiah (Vol.1)

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Volume one of two in the EP Study Commentary series (covering chapters 1-39), recording the prophet’s ministry against the background of the ever-present threat posed by the mighty Assyrian Empire, culminating with God’s deliverance of the southern kingdom of Judah in the time of Hezekiah.

"This truly magnificent book… is everything a commentary should be. It begins with a very useful introduction to Isaiah as a whole and ends with over 30 pages of detailed notes, for those who need such things.
The exposition of Isaiah 1-39, which is the heart of the book, is not exactly verse by verse--more like section by section. It is always learned but never heavy or unclear. It is always scholarly but makes no concessions to liberal (that is, unbelieving) theology. Every conclusion is impeccably conservative--there are no second or third Isaiahs here!

Professor Mackay provides his own literal translation, and therefore no knowledge of Hebrew is needed to use the commentary.
One particular feature is most helpful. Every section concludes with a ‘Reflection’ – a short paragraph bringing out its spiritual significance, often in the light of the New Testament. I suspect that these ‘Reflections’ will be providing study and sermon material for many years to come… their inclusion means that the book goes well beyond its declared aim of being a ‘study commentary’ … any serious reader of Scripture will find much benefit in using this book devotionally.- Evangelical Times