Eternity Changes Everything

Eternity Changes Everything

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Our view of the future affects how we feel and act in the present. Stephen Witmer excites us about where the world is heading, gives certainty about where we as individuals are heading, and thrills us about how eternity really does change everything in our daily lives.

If you are worried about your future… or if your future doesn't seem to make any difference to your now… or if you simply want to get more excited about where you will spend eternity… read this book!



  • 1. Your future in your present
  • 2. Everything new
  • 3. He will dwell with them
  • 4. The future is certain
  • 5. Your future is certain
  • 6. Tightrope walking
  • 7. Restlessness
  • 8. Patience
  • 9. Heavenly citizens
  • 10. Needing this world less
  • 11. Loving this world more
  • 12. Restless patience

Dr Stephen Witmer is the pastor of Pepperell Christian Fellowship in Massachusetts, USA. He previously served with John Piper at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota, and teaches at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is married to Emma and has three young children, Samuel, Annie and Henry.

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