Every Psalm for Easy Singing: Expanded Study Version

Every Psalm for Easy Singing: Expanded Study Version

Pearl Publications

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  • Provides the verse translation of the Psalms with explanation of the translation decisions.
  • Uses the same metre throughout for ease of use.
  • Translates from the Hebrew relying heavily upon the translation decisions of the older versions, notably the King James Authorised Version (1611), the Dutch Bible (1637), the Welsh Bible (1620), Calvin's translation (1557) and the Geneva Bible (1560).
  • Enables the Book of Psalms to be sung through in a year by being in 365 portions.
  • It uses the same portions as Pearl Publications 'Help for Using the Psalms in Personal and Family Worship'.
  • It inks to the audio resources and suggested tunes on the Pearl Publications website.
  • It is very suitable for leaders of a family group or for serious Bible Study.
  • It has an Appendix explaining the translation of key Hebrew words in the translation, including the names of God, the words for 'man' and the 'law words' in the Psalms which Every Psalm for Easy Singing seeks to distinguish in translation and by notes.
  • It has an Appendix on 'How to sing this book'.
  • A full account of resources used in preparing the translation is given.
  • 390 pages, 2,400 footnotes.


“Christians have for centuries sung the Psalms set to musical meter, finding in them rich doctrinal and experiential expressions of prayer and praise. Singing the Psalter is a key to the deeply biblical spirituality of Reformed Christianity. Every Psalm for Easy Singing lives up to its title, making psalm singing practical, especially for people who do not already sing the Psalter in their church’s worship services. May God use it to promote psalm singing in homes and churches throughout the world!”

--Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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