Exploring the New Testament - Volume 2 (3rd Edition)

Exploring the New Testament - Volume 2 (3rd Edition)


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Tried, tested and trusted by students and teachers across the world, this widely respected study guide enables the reader to engage with an array of essential topics, including:

· the Greco-Roman background to ancient letter writing
· the content and major themes of Paul's life, mission and theology
· issues of authorship, date and setting
· well established and newer methods of study
· the intersection of New Testament studies with contemporary issues of faith and culture

Now in its third edition, this popular textbook has been fully revised and updated, and includes new sections on:

· the theological links between Jesus and Paul
· major recent discussions on Pauline theology
· developments in scholarship of the New Testament
· updated bibliographies, highlighting the most important and influential works published in the past decade

Drawing on the authors’ decades of experience in teaching these topics, this comprehensive textbook gives students a strong understanding and a solid foundation for further study.

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