Faith Working Through Love

Faith Working Through Love

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He left an indelible mark upon the English Puritan movement and his writings were translated into Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, and other European lan­guages. In Faith Working Through Love, a group of twelve scholars mine the depths of Perkins’s works survey the theology of the maestro of English practical theologians.

Topics covered are the Trinity, the work of Christ, the effects of sin and grace, the order of salvation, the experience of salvation, eschatology, ecclesiology, the ministry, Christian conduct, vocation, marriage, and Ramist methodology.

Contributors include Wyatt Graham, Raymond A. Blacketer, Matthew N. Payne, J. V. Fesko, Joel R. Beeke, Matthew Hartline, David M. Barbee, Andrew S. Ballitch, Roger L. Revell, Dee Grimes, J. Stephen Yuille, and Simon Burton.


Table of Contents:

1. The Triune God - Wyatt Graham

2. The Work of Christ - Raymond A. Blacketer

3. Sin, Grace, and Free Will - Matthew N. Payne

4. The Order of Salvation - J. V. Fesko

5. The Experience of Salvation - Joel R. Beeke

6. Eschatological Glory - Matthew Hartline

7. A Peculiar Company of Men: The Nature of the Church - David M. Barbee

8. The Ministry and the Means of Grace - Andrew S. Ballitch

9. The Ethics of Christian Conduct: Law, Liberty, and Case Divinity - Roger L. Revell

10. God’s Imposition: The Nature of Vocation - Dee Grimes

11. The One Flesh Principle - J. Stephen Yuille

12. Reforging the Great Chain of Being: Ramism Reconsidered - Simon Burton


Wyatt Graham, PhD—Executive Director, The Gospel Coalition Canada

Raymond A. Blacketer, PhD—Independent Scholar, currently working on a new translation of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion

Matthew N. Payne, PhD cand.—Research Student, University of Sydney

J. V. Fesko, PhD—Harriett Barbour Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

Joel R. Beeke, PhD—President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Pastor of Heritage Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Matthew Hartline, PhD cand.—Research Student, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Associate Professor, First Baptist Church, Cobden, Illinois

David M. Barbee, PhD—Assistant Professor of Christian Thought, Winebrenner Theological Seminary

Andrew S. Ballitch, PhD—Associate Pastor, Westwood Alliance Church, Mansfield, Ohio

Roger L. Revell, PhD—Anglican Minister, Research Fellow, Faculty of Theology and Religion, Oxford University

Dee Grimes, PhD—Instructor in Biblical Spirituality, SIM missionary

J. Stephen Yuille, PhD—Professor of Pastoral Theology and Spiritual Formation, The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Simon Burton, PhD—John Laing Senior Lecturer in Reformation History, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh


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