Following Jesus in an Age of Quitters

Following Jesus in an Age of Quitters

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Devotional challenges modern readers to take up Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions

In 1722, an 18–year–old Jonathan Edwards began setting down seventy resolutions, personal statements of intent, to which, by the grace of God, he held himself accountable for the rest of his life. He read them prayerfully once a week until his death in 1758. Some examples of these resolutions include:


Resolved to be always discovering new ways to Glorify God in my life and increase both my joy in Jesus and that of others.

Resolved to give my best every week to grow in the grace of God and to be brought to a new and higher place with Jesus than I was the week before.

Resolved, as far as possible, when presented with something wonderful and puzzling about God and His ways, to not delay in opening my Bible and my heart to search and discover all that God has revealed to me about Himself.

Resolved to be eagerly seeking out those to whom I can be generous and charitable.

Resolved, whenever I hear of or see something praiseworthy in another person to seek to imitate it in my life.

John Gillespie here examines each resolution in the light of scripture and encourages modern readers to meditate on how they could apply Edwards’ resolutions to their own lives.

Each of the 70 short readings begins with the resolution in question and a passage from the Bible, and ends with a verse or quote to meditate on. The devotionals expound on Edwards’ words and call 21st century Christians to think about how they could apply his resolutions to their lives today.

About John D. Gillespie

John, together with his wife, Tessa, has pastored churches in the UK and USA for forty years. They now live in Kansas City, Kansas. They have also travelled extensively with Global Training Network to love, equip and encourage pastors and workers in the Majority World. They have seven children and twenty two grandchildren (so far!).

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