From Glory into Glory

From Glory into Glory


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The hour has come for Jesus to return to the Father’s heavenly glory. He embarks on the journey ahead, even though it will lead him through the depths of earthly shame. Crucifixion awaits him, and what destiny could be considered more disgraceful than to die on a cross? Yet right there, in the indignities of his suffering and death, Jesus will reveal the glory of God. 

From Glory Into Glory follows Jesus on this journey from the veiled glory of the cross into the blazing brightness of the resurrection. Our guide is Jesus’ beloved disciple, John, and our longing is that the word of Christ will dwell richly within us. Travel along, then, with these daily comments and prayers in your hand. They will accompany you from the start of Lent to the Sunday after Easter. There are some glorious views along the way.

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