GBG Introducing Jesus

GBG Introducing Jesus

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It’s only when you sit down and talk with someone that you start to discover what they are really like.

What would it be like to have an intimate conversation with Jesus? What would you ask Him? What might He say to you?

In his Gospel, John records for us a series of conversations that Jesus had with different people. They include a confused minister and a desperate woman; a lifelong loser and an anxious politician.

From each conversation there emerges something new about Jesus – who He is, what He came to do and what His priorities and concerns are. And each time we also hear Jesus speaking directly to us. He addresses our doubts and our desires, our fears and our failings, our sorrows and setbacks, and challenges us to think differently about God, life and eternity.

Use these studies to deepen your understanding of Jesus Christ, or perhaps even to be introduced to Him for the first time.

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  • Introduction
  • Why study John?
  • 1. A confused vicar - John 3
  • 2. A desperate woman - John 4
  • 3. A needy crowd - John 6
  • 4. A lifelong loser - John 9
  • 5. A grieving family - John 11
  • 6. An anxious politician - John 18,19
  • 7. A demanding sceptic - John 20