George Smeaton (Paperback)

George Smeaton (Paperback)

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George Smeaton (1814-1889) was one of Scotland’s leading theologians. With a flair for languages and a gift for exegesis, he clearly and warmly articulated thoroughly biblical convictions on such major points of theology as the atonement and the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Yet he wrote and taught at a time when Scotland was undergoing huge cultural and theological shifts, and his (sometimes groundbreaking) contributions were sidelined by his colleagues and successors. Subsequently he has been largely forgotten even by those today who share his theological convictions.

In producing this biography, John W Keddie simultaneously recovers Smeaton’s theology and introduces us to Smeaton as a person. This edition is revised from the original version of 2007, incorporating new and updated material. Smeaton’s reverence for the truth goes hand in hand with his personal holiness and it is impossible to read this biography without coming to a greater appreciation of the sound doctrine Smeaton prized and the deep piety he practiced.

Smeaton is an outstanding example of how a gift for profound theological thinking can be expressed in a life of genuine godliness, winning the love and admiration of his contemporaries.

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