God’s Great Story

God’s Great Story


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One-Year Devotional Helps Teens Establish Daily Scripture-Reading Habits 

Young adulthood is often a pivotal stage in the life and faith of a believer. Christian teens are confronted with many challenges, making it harder for them to adopt effective Bible-reading habits. How can teens maintain a deep and fruitful relationship with Scripture while managing busy schedules and exciting new stages of life? 

God’s Great Story by Jon Nielson unpacks Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, helping young adults grasp God’s full narrative and form helpful reading habits to keep a strong relationship with the Lord. Designed to be read in a year, each of the 365 daily devotionals includes a summary, a practical application, and a guide for personal prayer and meditation. Readings build off of each other to help readers grasp God’s grand story of redemption and the full saving work of the Son. 

  • Fruitful Devotionals: Readings expand on the overarching narrative of the Bible to reveal God’s full redemption narrative 
  • One-Year Plan: Lays out a plan to read the whole Bible from Genesis through Revelation in one year
  • Appeals to Teens: Helps teens form daily Bible-reading habits to bring into adulthood
  • Written by Jon Nielson: Pastor, author, and general editor of the ESV Teen Study Bible

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