God Speaking

God Speaking

Kevin Mayhew

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Communication is one of the most high-profile features of our modern life. There have never been so many ways of being in touch. The technological media for communication are becoming ever more sophisticated, 'smart' and widely available. But they can be a mixed blessing. Advent is an opportune time to consider this vital facet of human experience and to do so in the light of a belief in God.
This study course is intended as a way in to doing just that. It explores what it might mean to become friends and followers of the God of Jesus Christ, the supreme communicator. Its focus for that exploration is the Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament. For Hebrews brings us face to face with a Jesus Christ who 'is the same yesterday, today and for ever' (Hebrews 13:8) and who constantly invites our response.

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