Gospel DNA

Gospel DNA

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Acts chapter 20 tells how Paul sat down to train the elders of the Ephesian church he had planted some years before. The principles of gospel ministry he lays down are simple, but absolute dynamite.

In 21 simple, practical principles, Richard Coekin sets out how this "Gospel DNA" should shape our approach to building churches today.

This book draws on his experience as Director of the London-based Co-Mission church-planting initiative in the UK. It will help you be part of a dynamic strategy for growing gospel churches today.

Includes a Foreword by D.A. Carson


  • 1. Learning from a legend
  • 2. Train leaders (v17)
  • 3. Share your life (v18)
  • 4. Serve the Lord (v19)
  • 5. Teach the Bible (v20)
  • 6. Seek repentance and faith (v21)
  • 7. Accept unavoidable risk (v22)
  • 8. Enjoy the Holy Spirit (v23)
  • 9. Proclaim the gospel (v24)
  • 10. Preach the kingdom (v25)
  • 11. Warn about judgment (v26)
  • 12. Tell the whole truth (v27)
  • 13. Pastor the flock (v28)
  • 14. Care for the local church (v28)
  • 15. Proclaim his death (v28)
  • 16. Beware of the wolves (v29-31)
  • 17. Trust God (v32)
  • 18. Trust God's word (v32)
  • 19. Celebrate our inheritance (v32)
  • 20. Help the weak (v33-35)
  • 21. Pray with confidence (v36)
  • 22. Keep going to all nations (v38)