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An affordable new edition of J C Ryle’s classic work. 

J.C. Ryle wrote this timeless classic on holiness over a hundred years ago, yet how poignant his words still are for us today. Sadly, we all know how easy it is to appear godly in public, while behind closed doors to continue in our own sin.

This modern English version will challenge a new generation of readers to live a Christ–like life. Ryle’s timeless wisdom reminds us that holiness shouldn’t be cold, distant and unobtainable, but that Christ himself is the root of our godliness. Be exhorted not to simply settle for half–hearted holiness, but to strive to be holy in every area of our lives.
Holiness, Ryle argued, was not simply a matter of believing and feeling, but of doing.


1. Sin

2. Sanctification

3. Holiness

4. The Fight

5. The Cost

6. Growth in Grace

7. Assurance

8. Christ’s Greatest Trophy

9. The Ruler of the Waves

10. Christ Is All

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