How do I get to Heaven?

How do I get to Heaven?

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Answering big questions about what the Bible says about life after death for 4–8–year–olds

How do I get to heaven? Can anybody go there? What happens when someone dies? These are all questions that a child will ask at some point in their life. When a relative or close friend comes to the end of their life what does a child need to know? They need to know about Jesus. They need to know about Salvation. They need to know that there really is eternal life but there is only one way to God.

In simple terms, this attractive, full–colour illustrated hardback paints a beautiful picture of heaven and explains what heaven will be like. It also explains that the only way to heaven is by trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Each spread includes one question or topic, a brief explanation, and a Bible verse that can be used as a memory verse. There are also explanations of words which might be new to readers, like salvation, resurrection, and substitute.

Headings include:

  • Tell Me About Heaven
  • What is Heaven Like?
  • Is There Really a Place Called Heaven?
  • Who is in Heaven?
  • What is Dying Like?
  • Why Are We Sad When People Go to Heaven?
  • Will I See Jesus in Heaven?
  • Why are People Happy in Heaven?
  • Tell Me About Jesus
  • What is Jesus Like?
  • What did God Give Jesus for His Very Own?
  • Does Jesus Love Me?
  • How Did Jesus Come to Earth?
  • How Did Jesus Die?
  • Why Did Jesus Die?
  • What Happened After Jesus Died
  • Tell Me About Salvation
  • Do You Want to Be Perfect?
  • What is it Like to Be Perfect?
  • Can We Be Perfect?
  • Is Anyone Perfect?
  • How Can I Get to Heaven?
  • How Does Jesus Change Me?
  • Do I Have to Buy Salvation?
  • What is Faith?
  • Do You Want Jesus to be Your Saviour?
  • What Is Justification?
  • What is the Family of God?
  • Can Anyone Help Me to be Good?
  • Has Jesus Saved You?

About Nancy Gorrell

Nancy Gorrell takes great delight in telling about the Christian faith in simple ways for children to understand. She lives with her husband and family in California and teaches in a Christian school there.

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